Past Clients & Projects

Whether you’re an individual writer, a small nonprofit or a publicly-held company, your project matters. Katrina works with you, your team, your timeline, and your budget. Don’t see your exact project here? No worries. Each project is individualized to fit your needs.

Select Past Projects:

Copyediting & Proofreading

  • Copyedit and Proofread 300+ Financial Business’s Relaunch Website
  • Copyedit Nonfiction Essays for Scholarly Arts Book
  • Proofread Supportive Material for Product Packaging
  • Write and Edit Supportive Material for Newsletters and Journals
  • Write, Edit and Proof Marketing Material for Businesses and Nonprofits

Fact Checking

  • Fact Check Monthly Magazines & Newsletters
  • Verify Information for First & Updated Editions
  • Fact Check Small Consumer-Focused Publications

Permissions & Licensing

  • Secure Reproduction Rights for 50+ Images for TV Documentary
  • Reprint 6-8 Articles in Monthly Newsletter
  • Find Public Domain Excerpts for First Edition Publication
  • Reprint Permission for 45+ Excerpts for College-level Sourcebook
  • Bulk Permission Requests of 3000+ Articles for Internet Database
  • Image Reprint Permission for Scholarly Texts
  • Secured Images for To-Scale Exhibit Reproductions and Merchandise


  • Trademark and Service Mark Information for Non-Fiction Manuscript
  • Writers’ Research Assistance
  • Casebook & Textbook Resource Lists
  • Web Survey & Findings Summary
  • Online & Library Research
  • Find & Create Collections of Image from Stock & Private Collections

Catalog & Archives

  • Specialized Article Catalog
  • Indexed Non-Fictions for the Lay Reader
  • Archived Materials from Small Nonprofit


  • Led Research Resources Workshop
  • Created Facebook Presence for Nonprofit

Some Previous Clients:

  • American Airlines Celebrated Living
  • AMP It Up
  • Ant Hill Press/North Star Publication
  • BullsEye Communication/Fidelity Investments
  • Coalition for International Justice
  • Collins Youngclaus
  • Contact Quarterly
  • DriveAble Solutions
  • Heinemann Publishers
  • Individual Authors
  • ISI Books
  • Mindworks Media Group
  • MentorshipOnline.com
  • Publications International
  • Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine
  • Woman’s World Magazine
  • The Writing Company/SunTrust

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